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maggie horn

brand + Site overhaul

Maggie Horn is a solopreneur who is a HypnoBirthing® teacher and hypnotist. She came to me in hopes of leveling up her brand and overhauling an outdated website which wasn’t doing her any favors.

Our goal was to align her web presence to her professional brand and create a clean, friendly, and soothing aesthetic that would appeal to potential clients around the world.

“I am so excited!! A pregnant mom-to-be contacted me for a class today! I will be speaking to her tomorrow. 🙂 Less than a week after my new site launched! Thanks for everything, Janine!”

-Maggie Horn

personal projects

Brand Creation + eCommerce

3D Printed Jewelry

Brand + Website design

voice over actor

Let’s work together!

With our powers combined, we can do anything.

(well, maybe not time travel so, almost anything)

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